So I Don’t Think I Told You

So I probably should mention that I’m not returning to Chapman University in the Spring of 2015. I got accepted to the American Institute of Foreign Studies (AIFS) program to Cannes, France. It’s an amazing opportunity because not only do I get to travel and work on my french (which is my minor) but we get to intern with the Cannes Film Festival and that’s amazing, specially for a Film Production major.  And now that finals are almost here and the semester is coming to a close and next thing you know, I’ll be in France. I’m so so so excited to go and just travel around France and Europe (I’ve got big plans for this next semester.)  But first I have to get my Visa. When people say this is the most stressful part of studying abroad, they aren’t kidding. There is just so much time, paperwork, and effort that goes into it. I’m just nervous to meet with the French Consulate in L.A. because it sounds so official and that terrifies me. Also I just got my photos taken for my visa and they are awful… so that just makes it all the better. However, I know, it is a necessary part of going abroad and after this whole thing is done, all I have left is finals here and then I can worry about packing…fun.


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