Airplanes, Palaces and Lots and Lots of Suitcases

   First things first: asking your checked bag to be 50lbs or less is ridiculous. 4 months in the south of France with only 50lbs of stuff. Not gonna happen. So my friends. Jordan and Melanie, and I had this “genius” idea to share a checked bag and fill it with toiletries so on the way back we can just throw away all the shampoos and stuff which equals more room for souvenirs. The only problem was carry an extra suitcase out of the airport… We didn’t really think about that. Of course I got stuck carrying it, so I looked and felt like a complete disaster going on to our shuttle.
      But our flight wasn’t too bad. It didn’t really hit me that we were going abroad, so the British accents all the flight attendants had kinda through me for a loop. I watched Lucy on the plane (side note: that is a weird movie) and slept most of the time but it was pretty shitty sleep. We got dinner which was nice if they didn’t forget to serve it to Jordan and I. When she finally asked an attendant if our food was coming, the lady looked at us like we were the rudest people alive. And they didn’t offer us wine or tea with our meal, because we were the last to get it, and I really wanted those things (way to go British Airways). Then I woke up about an hour before landing and watched bbc mater chief (it was very interesting).
As soon as we got off the plane and went through customs (which was a breeze) we found the driver for our aifs study abroad group. As soon as the driver spotted as three with all of our luggage he said, “you’re really fitting that American stereotype”. Ya, well 4 months is a long ass time.
     We are staying in the Copthrone Tara Hotel in Kensington. It’s pretty nice, no free wifi though. There’s also a group of aifs students going to St. Petersburg, so there is a little over 50 Aifs students at this hotel.
It’s right near Kensington Place Gardens which was beautiful, William and Kate currently reside there and are going to raise their children there. Prince Harry also lives there, insert remark about marrying him. We spent the afternoon walking around there looking at the statues but it was soooo cold. And it started raining… So we headed back to the hotel and started falling asleep to Jeremy Kyle (which is kinda the Morrie of the UK). But at 6 pm we had “welcome drinks” with the rest of aifs students. Then my hotel roommate, Jordan, Melanie and I grabbed a light dinner at Pretz a Manger and then got dessert at café Rouge which was cute. Now I’m really f-ing tired and it’s only 9pm. Jet lag really has me. Getting up 7 am is gonna be a stretch.

2 thoughts on “Airplanes, Palaces and Lots and Lots of Suitcases

  1. This is soooo awesome Tasha! I love reading your blog, and all the adventures. Told ya, we are living vicariously through you on this trip! 🙂 And I still want that two paragraph essay on the coffee there! Macarons…. YUM!


    • I haven’t had much coffee at coffee shops, I have a cup or two at the college but that’s about it except for when we got crepes. I got chocolat cafe but it was soooooo tiny. All the coffees are soooo tiny here (I hate it!).


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