But First Coffee

     Trafalgar Rooster
     We got free breakfast at the hotel which was pretty awful but hey it was free and they had coffee. Then about 49 of us headed out on a guided tour. Our tour guide was so cute and nice, she was dressed like she was going on a safari but I liked it. We stopped at Buckingham Palace: fun fact, today was the anniversary of Winston Churchill’s funeral. A large procession of people in hats were going into the palace, but sadly the Queen was not there. Then we drove around and saw a lot of places and stopped and got coffee in the crypt of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is so huge. Then we were dropped off at Covent Gardens and were free to explore. Another fun fact: a Moomin is a troll. Then we met up with our friend Emily from Chappy. We went to lunch at patessiere Valerie which was cute and cheap. We walked around Chinatown and Lichester square which is like Times Square with all the Musicals and tourist shops.
     Then we went to Trafalger Square with the blue rooster. And then we walked aross a bridge and got to the London eye and walked to the Globe and millieum bridge (that bridge from Harry Potter). Then we meet up with our other friend Austin and grabbed more coffee and just walked along the Queens walk. Then we said bye to Austin and walked around until we found a pub that didn’t ask us how old we are or made us wait. We got fish n chips and English bitter beer. It was really good! I could definitely eat more. Always. Then we took the tube back to Kensington High Street and tried to find wifi anywhere but that failed… So we headed back to the hotel to pack for our 3:45am check out time tomorrow. Ugh.

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