Oh the Horror

     How you know we are from chapman: communal showers are a whole new concept. Like for one the sink is in our room so we had to buy hand soap (not the biggest worry in the world) but we kinda forgot about that so we had to hurry over to Monoprix (like target kinda) before it closed. Fun fact: almost everything is closed on Sunday or isn’t open very late. Also when it came to take showers there was the questions of how to we go there: in our towels? Fully clothed? In PJs? I’m not entirely sure… Also Jordan forgot shower shoes so she had to where my size 6 ones which are clearly too small for her feet. Then there’s also like do you bring clothes to change into or just walk back in your towel? This is probably the smallest cultural shock and probably shouldn’t be a cultural shock at all but for us spoiled Chapman’s it’s just a weird concept to us.

     The toilets are kinda weird here too but least they aren’t just holes you where you have to squat (like Greece). I find it weird there are not toilet seat covers… I guess that was just an west coast thing? Strange but again not a big deal.

      The credit/debit card machines that you use at stores are extremely different. I tried to swipe mine but apparently you have to insert the card into the thing but then I couldn’t understand what it was telling me so I just paid in cash. Ha. I’ll figure it out eventually, like everything else in this country.


2 thoughts on “Oh the Horror

  1. Re showers: male and female in communal showers? Stalls,or not? I guess I’d do the towel thing back and forth. But all this has probably been figured out by now. Actually, this is what “the bathrobe” is for.
    Vastly enjoying all of this!!!


    • Yes the showers are both for guys and girls and yes there are stalls! I just wish I had a bathrobe, it would be much easier but I just bring a plastic bag with me to put my clothes in so they don’t get wet!

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