Is There WiFi Here?

I’ve fallen into routine here:

Wake up- hate myself and my alarm.

Breakfast- “Why have the italians taken all the bread?!?!”

Class- I have no idea what you are saying but, “Oui”

Lunch- Sit at the vegetarian table and talk about how much bread I eat.

Go to the room – aka walk up 4 flights of pure agony

Netflix/Nap time – we take this time seriously

Dinner – “Is there free wifi here?”

Les Devoirs – Why is my french class the only class that has homework…

Shower – Rock out to Hoodie Allen in the communal showers.

That’s of course the most basic of schedules. I really wish we didn’t have class on friday… My group of friends and I just booked tickets to Rome!!! But we have to skip two days of class because it’s cheaper to fly on a thursday night and come back on a Monday night. And normally I would love to miss class but attendance is a pretty big deal here, but it’s Rome and I already booked my tickets so, I’ll see how my teacher takes that. But my teacher, Christel, is so sweet that I don’t think it will be a problem. She is kinda funny though, when she asks a question in class and no one responds (because we have no idea what she asked) she makes this “yoohoo” noise. Now I don’t know if you’ve seen frozen, but in our class it’s become a joke. Every time she makes the “yoohoo” noise, we whisper to each other “Big summer blowout.”


We talk about the most random things in our class too. On the first day of class she was asking us who had fake IDs, our homework had a question of “Where do you find cougars?” (No, not the animal and yes it was asked in french.) and we have talked about 50 Shades of Grey a lot ( I do not recommend). The other day we explained beer pong in french to her and we talked about the Grammy Awards. Today we talked about Netflix (She watches “How I Met Your…Mother” as she said it) and downloading music illegally. She’s so cute because she wants to know all about our lives and everything we do each day. Though her English is not so good, someone said  that they bought sea salt and Christel was very confused and said, “Where else would you get salt?” Apparently there is only sea salt in France.

It’s funny to hear french people try to speak english, as I am sure it is funny to hear us speak french. When we were in Monaco one of our AIFS directors, Aude, was our tour guid and she was talking about Grace Kelly and she said, “This is the street were Grace Kelly have crash car.” I could not stop giggling on the back of the bus. Then Sandrine our resident director was talking about paperwork we have to do and she said, “You should do it quickly or else it will be an asshole for you.” The whole group just started laughing so hard. Somethings just don’t translate well.

We also had test in class today, which I failed. I’m sure of it. I’m kinda scared though because in France teachers don’t discretely hand back your test with your grade at the top, no they go down the list of names and say a number between 1 and 20. Apparently is really good when you get a 10… really good. So I am expecting a 2 on the test.

Also, as I’ve said this like 100 times but the wifi at the college sucks, so badly. But the other day we had a trip to the library, which is like 3 minutes away and it’s so beautiful and over looks gardens with fountains and birdhouses, has wonderful wifi! WONDERFUL WIFI. (It’s been a joke in our group about finding wifi at restaurants and places we go. “Wait is there wifi here?!?!?!?!”). So I’ve decided I’ll probably spend my Netfilx/Nap time there. Though I can’t read any books there because I’m at two year old level of reading. When we went to library we also watched the movie “Intouchables” which is a great film (nominated for a golden globe in 2012). But it was in french with french subtitles… If I’m not fluent by the time I get come home, I want my money back.



3 thoughts on “Is There WiFi Here?

  1. Re foreigners speaking English: a lot has to do with WORD ORDER!! But I’m sure you are figuring it out.
    I am truly enjoying your adventures. And with the lack of lifts/escalators, you will come back so very strong! You will miss those steps, I guarantee it.

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