Le Monaco, s’il vous please?

1. I found my favorite drink when we go out to restaurants. It’s called the Monaco and it’s like an alcoholic Shirley Temple (aka the Dirty Shirley).  It’s really sweet and girly and I love it.

2. On Sunday we went to Monaco!

So I would like to get rich and move to Monaco (or like Grace Kelly minus the car crash) that’s the life plan. Monaco is so beautiful and clean, it felt fake, like we were on a back lot somewhere in California. It’s also so tiny, trop petite! The Palace was very cool, but the best thing about Monaco was the view from the cliffs. You could see the ocean, the yachts and the villas. It was breath taking. Still cannot get over it . DSCN0530

We also went to the museum of oceanography there which was so cool and you could pet baby sharks. The top of the building had another beautiful view and a play structure where we spent sometime being 4 year olds. Then we went of to Monte-Carlo! (Melanine, Jordan and I call ourselves Monte Carlo because Melanie is Selena Gomez, Jordan’s Leighton Meester and I’m Katie Cassidy from the movie. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it!)  was so beautiful and cool. But there was just the Casino and Hotel de Paris. There wasn’t much else to do and I’m not really one for gambling.


On the way back to Cannes we stopped in Eze which is a medieval village on a hillside. There are no cars and it’s just stairs up to these exotic gardens. Again the view was over whelming. I wish we could have seen the sunset there but it was cold and windy (and I ran out of tissues) so we went to a little cafe for coffee.


I fell asleep on the ride back to Cannes and couldn’t make it out for dinner but I got to skype with mon Pere which was nice but the wifi here sucks so it was very choppy and pixelated. But it twas a great day!


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