On Wednesday I started my first 3 1/2 hour seminar class, Art History, taught in English! The class is interesting but it’s a lot of note taking and our teacher, who is extremely nice, just reads off her notes so it’s very monotone. We mostly talked about how art could go from romanticism to modernity. Our teacher has a very thick french accent and when she says “modernity” it sounds like “maternity,” it’s very cute.

Then on Saturday, my friend group went to a small village named Mourans-Sartoux (which wasn’t our original destination but I’m glad we ended up there.) We went to a modern art museum and made many jokes about “modernity.”


It was a super cool museum, with an exhibition in a castle next door. We were pretty much the only people there which was weird but I’m glad we went to it, especially since it was pouring buckets outside.

DSCN0741     Also I made friends with a cute little cat that was so friendly. We spent like 20 minutes petting it in the rain it was just so needy and adorable. I wanted to take the cat with me. But I’m pretty sure it belonged to someone.

DSCN0737     Then we attempted to walk to a church in Mougins but it was a long journey on the side of a highway type road and it was raining really hard and so much thunder. So we found a bus back to Cannes then walked back to the College. I was soaked. I mean soaked. And I was wearing a rain jacket… so cold too that it took me over an hour to feel my toes again. Mon dieu! DSCN0761


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