Eat, PrayLove: My weekend in Rome

Look Mom I can speak Italian: Grazie mille, ciao, fettuccine alfredo, pizza, and cappuccino!
That’s about it…Italian is very confusing and even though Italy is an international city not too many people speak English. As soon as we arrived at our apartment in Rome (which is a 3 minute walk in one direction to the trevi fountain and a 3 minute walk in the other direction to the Pantheon. ) we needed to get the key from the owner. We called him but he didn’t speak one lick of English. Thank god for Jordan’s boyfriend Matt, who is studying abroad here and speaks some Italian. We deemed him “Tour Guide Barbie” ( from Toy Story 2) or sometimes we’d call him “Skipper Matt.” Finally he arrives but he pulls out an x ray and points to his head and says “sorry” in Italian. So we all automatically assumed that he was late showing up here because he just got a cat scan. And we were just so confused. But Matt was interpreting for us and apparently the  maids left the keys inside so he was using the  X-ray to jimmy the door open. He said he was the Italian James Bond. He was so friendly and funny but we did not understand one word. Then Matt made us some pasta at his apartment a little outside the city, which was super nice. We also tried some “limoncello” which smelled good but was disgusting.

     Friday was Jordan’s birthday and we packed a ton of stuff into the day. We first went to the pantheon,


the Brazilian consulate,


the Vatican City,


Sistine chapel


then got pizza and gelato (blueberry yogurt and Nutella 🙏) then saw the alter of the fatherland which the italian’s sometime call the wedding cake.


Then we went out to dinner at a tiny little italian restaurant. I got delicious gnocchi and caprese salad and focaccia. There was group also celebrating a birthday. They gave us free champagne and cake and then we had a full on conversation with one of the guys who spoke some english. It was his 50th birthday and he loves California. So as soon as he found out that’s where must of us live he got so excited. He also told us that he loves Curt Cobain and Big Bang Theory. It was so much fun.

Saturday we went to Naples. Now Napoli was not what I expected because we were in the central urban area. I did not feel safe there and there was garbage literally everywhere. You know that scene in Harry Potter when he uses floo powder and accidentally ends up in Nocturne Alley instead of Diagon Alley? That’s sort of what it felt like. But we got pretty good pizza and canolis. And the train ride was pretty going there, but I just slept on the way back considering it was a 3 hour ride there and a 2 hour ride back.


A Church in Naples

     Sunday we went to the Colosseum. It was awesome. Very hunger games when you are standing in the arena. It’s hard to think about crowds of people wanting to watch people battle to the deaths against each other and animals. Skipper Matt also told us that they sometimes would flood the arena to have water games.


It’s crazy to think about how well it has held up for close to 2,000 years old. Also there are a ton of souvenir stands selling little figurines of the colosseum, apparently there have always been people selling those around the colosseum since it’s birth. So naturally I had to buy one and take a picture.


“Look I found the Colosseum… wait… is this a center for ants?”

Then we went to the Roman Forum, which was very cool. Lots of ruins, almost nothing was completely intact, except for this arch.


Then we got very delicious pizza, where the servers gave us, ladies, flowers because it was international women’s day. Another fun fact about all these tourist attractions are that there are lots of people trying to sell you stuff outside them. My favorite being the selfie-stick. We counted 65 different people trying to sell us selfie-sticks on Saturday alone (and we only went to the colosseum). It’s so annoying, “No I don’t want your crap selfie-sticks!” I was half tempted to grab one and break it, just to show how poorly made they were.

Then on Monday we stopped by the Trevi fountain before catching a taxi to the airport. Sadly, the Trevi fountain is under construction but the cool thing is you got to walk over it to see it.

DSCN1142And there was a little fountain in front where they let you throw in coins which was nice. We literally made all the Lizzie McGuire jokes we could think of. (#thewholemovie)

(Because my Mom keeps pestering me about it) Roman coffee is soooooooo good! I got lots of cappuccino’s! I can’t really explain it but just trust me when I say it was tasty.


It was a great weekend! Rome is sooooo awesome but I was kinda missing France and French by the end of it. So I’m glad to be back, plus it’s a lot warmer here then in Roma.

Now off to Barcelona this weekend!


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