Too Hip for Me: Barcelona

This weekend we went to Barcelona. We left late Friday night and arrived at our Hostel, the Black Swan, around 9:30 pm. The Hostel was so cool and hip. There was this really attractive guy working there and after we got dinner, he invited us to go bar hoping with others from the hostel, and of course we said yes to him. If it was any other person, we probably would have said no because we were so tired! But it ended up being really fun!
Saturday we got up early and walked to La Pedrera or “Casa Mila” which was a building created by Gaudi that was really cool but we didn’t go inside we just looked around.
Then we went to La Sagrada Familia, the unfinished church, that Gaudi was obsessed with creating. It’s been in construction for over 100 years and it still has quite aways to go until it is finished. I’ll probably never see it in my life time.
The inside was sooooo gorgeous. The stained glass windows colored the whole building in blue, green, red and orange. The ceilings were so tall and it was very spacious. It was breath taking.
We stopped for lunch and got some paella and churros with chocolate sauce!  Then we walked to a park near our hostel, through (not the parisian) Arc de Triomphe, were we found this beautiful fountain!
And these two guys were making very large bubbles. And we spent the rest of the afternoon popping them.
Then we got dinner at this place called the Chill Bar, where we got really good burritos, burgers, and sangria. Then we went to this bar called the Dow Jones, which was like a fake stock market where you wait for it to crash to get drinks so they are cheaper! It was very cool! Then on Sunday we found a Starbucks and then walked to Las Ramblas, and just sort of walked around.
Found this restaurant called Organics, which was really urban and hip. Barcelona is too hip for us, that was the theme of the trip. I’m secretly an old woman, so I was just like this place is awesome, and urban, but too hip for me! It can’t really explain it but it reminded me of a European San Francisco. I really recommend going to Barcelona if you ever get the chance! I wish I could have stayed longer and seen more!

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