Pard’ My Parisian

     I was soooo excited to go to Paris! And even better, that everything was all planned out for us! (And we got to miss 2 days of class!) The whole AIFS group left early Thursday morning to fly to Paris! The flight was pretty quick and easy then we went to our hotel, Hotel Paris Bastille, which was really nice but of course our rooms weren’t ready when we got there so we had 2 hours of free time. My friends and I headed to Notre Dame, we kinda got lost walking there so we didn’t have a lot of time, so we didn’t get to go in it. But we took this awesome photo where we stuffed scarves in our jackets.
Then we had a bus tour of Paris which was cool. It was sorta like, here’s Concorde square and now it’s gone. We did get to stop outside the eiffel tower but that was about it.

Here’s me licking the Eiffel Tower

Our tour guide was so funny though! She saw a really nice car and just stopped whatever she was talking about and starts prattling off in French. Then we got dinner at a french restaurant. I had some sort of broccoli soufflé. It was interesting. Then I went back to the eiffel tower with some friends to watch it Twinkle! It was sooo pretty. I literally took like a thousand photos.
     On Friday we went to Musée de l’Orangerie, where the Water Lilies are! They were so big and just gorgeous! I loved them!
Here's me looking at the Waterlilies

Here’s me looking at the Waterlilies

It also had some Picasso’s (I feel like Picasso’s work is everywhere though) and Cézanne and Matisse. I really liked it. Then we went to La Tour Eiffel (again) to actually go up it. Oh my god, going up the elevators was too much for me. When I got off at the very top, I was like Lucille 2 from Arrested Development, I had like really bad vertigo. But after awhile I was okay. The view was awesome, but there was a lot of fog!
It was also soooooo cold. It was cold all weekend, I was dying. After the eiffel tower we got pizza and headed to the Louvre. My friends and I were doing it on our own (thankfully it was free!) so we didn’t have much time, we literally ran through it to get to the major artworks. I took a pic with Mona. (Our tour guide the day before told a joke: The thinker is sitting there naked, wondering where his clothes are. Mona knows where the clothes are. )
Me and Mona

Me and Mona

Then we went to a one-man show called “How to Become Parisian in 1 Hour” and it was in English (T. God) It was kinda funny, mostly just did the obvious stereotypes of Parisians versus other norms. It was pretty vulgar too which I think surprised our AIFS directors. Then I got Chipotle!!!! Then we walked down the Champs Élyées and stopped in the disney store and at Ladurée. I got a giant caramel macaroon and a small blackcurrent one. They are too good (and too expensive). Then Jordan and Melanie wanted to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up since they didn’t go with me the night before.
     SATURDAY: The best of all days! WE WENT TO DISNEYLAND PARIS!!!!! It was beautiful and amazing! It’s seemed bigger than regular Disneyland to me and was a lot more cutesy. We first went into Walt Disney Studios Park where we went on the new Ratatouille ride and it was so cute!!!! I’m obsessed!
Then we went on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster! That was awesome! There was a cork screw we weren’t expecting. And I think my friend peed her pants a little… Then we went into Disneyland and went on Indiana Jones. Now Indiana Jones is my favorite ride in California so I was pretty excited! And it’s a roller coaster! But no, it was painful. It had the restraints that you pull over your head but the whole ride my head was moving from side to side hitting the bars. I had such a bad headache afterwards! But then we got crepes and coffee to make ourselves feel better (Yes Disneyland Paris sells crepes instead of churros! )
IMG_0259 IMG_0261
Then we walked through the castle, where they have a dragon underneath that moves! And the inside of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle has all this stained glass! It was so pretty! Then we went on Pinocchio (exactly the same as California) then we went through Alice’s Maze, which was so cute! We then went on the tea cups and got lunch. (I got a weird sandwich. Food at Paris not as good as food at Anaheim). Then we went on Thunder Mountain which was more of a roller coaster. It was awesome!  Then we went back to Walt Disney Studios and went on Crush’s Coaster (from Finding Nemo) and I think that is my favorite ride in Paris!! Then we did like a Toy Story RC Racer. Then Tower of Terror. Then we went back to Disneyland and got dinner ( a pizza. Meh.) After that we went on Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Tours. The Star Tours is like the old version! No 3D and it was still the trip to Endor! It was such a throw back for us Disney nerds with Annual Pass holders.
DSCN1465 IMG_0251IMG_0249IMG_0246
Then I went crazy shopping. Everything was just too cute not to buy! I bought a sweatshirt (but that was because I was freezing earlier). Then we headed back to the hotel because we were tired!!
Sunday we woke up early and took a boat ride along the Seine.
  IMG_0276 IMG_0281
Then went back to Notre Dame to go inside.
It was beautiful but we didn’t get a chance to climb to the top! However, right outside Notre Dame is this golden star:
And legend says that if you step on it, one day you will return to Paris. Naturally I jumped on it!

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