Winter Spring Break
Sorry I’m so late to posting, but sadly I got a really bad sinus infection and almost died. (Not really but it was a rough week).
It was the best (and the worst) spring break.
Also the coldest.
Brussels, Belgium
We did quiet a lot in Brussels. We saw the museum of original figurines (aka Moof) and went to delirium which had great beer and saw the Grand- Place and ate lots of chocolate and fries.
DSCN1598Though we did have kind of a weird experience when we took a “Sweet Industrial Tour” which we assumed you went to a chocolate factory (which you did eventually go to in the tour) but it wasn’t a tour through Brussels but a suburb called Molenbeek, which is rather sketchy. Also we were the only people on the tour, 5 young girls… any who we asked the tour guid if we could go home after about 2 hours… It was weird and I don’t recommend it. But after that we had a great time! We saw the Lion at Waterloo and some old cool ruins.
We went to Bruges which is a cute little fairytale village ( I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen In Bruges but it’s a film that takes place in Bruges…)
We had a very interesting set of roommates at the Hostel, ranging from Marta from Spain who thought Caroline stole her bed, a 40 ish year old man who just walked around in his underwear and a french girl who woke up screaming “DIX MINUTES S’IL VOUS PLAIT”.
Sadly this is went the black lung took me… I got very sick on the plane to Berlin. And Berlin was soooo cold and windy. So windy. It actually snowed several times.
But Berlin was very cool. I loved the Berlin Dome. It was amazing.
We saw all these cute little stands on our way to starbucks.
We went to museum island, actually we waited 2 hours for a lame museum. But hey c’est la vie. We also so the Parliament building, Reichstag, and the Brandenburg Gate and went to see the Holocaust Memorial and the Jewish Museum. And saw the Berlin Wall. It was really crazy to see and all the graffiti on it was beautiful and sad at the same time.
DSCN1749 DSCN1753 DSCN1757DSCN1764
DSCN1794 IMG_0557
We also did a lot of shopping at this store called Primark, which is cheaper than Forever 21 but better quality. We had awful roommates at the Hostel. All these boys who came in at like 4 am and were yelling while we were sleeping.
Geneva was a lot better because it was much warmer than the other two places but it was so expensive! The cheapest drink at Starbucks was 5.90 CHF (aka Francs. 1 CHF = 1 Euro). And dinner was just crazy! We ate at McDonalds most nights (even then, I spend 5 euros on medium fries). We saw the Jet d’eau and the flower clock and the old town.
We were all kind of run down and sick at this point so sadly we didn’t get to see as much as we all would have liked. But we also went to the Botanical Gardens and just walked along Lake Geneva a lot. And also went up Mount Saleve (which is a baby mountain. But it had a great view of Geneva!)
  DSCN1882 IMG_0649 IMG_0667
It was a fun spring break but I’m definitely happy to be back in Cannes (where the doctor was able to prescribe me antibiotics! )
Oh the joy’s of traveling.

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  1. So sorry you are sick! The only city I’ve visited that you did is Geneva–I loved the old city and had cheese fondue on the lake shore. One of the things I really like about your blog is the pictures–whole, noble, and evocative….I hope also that you get to visit a concentration camp. I have not–not even a museum (don’t want to do it alone). Your experience on the weird tour–I would really like to know more about THAT adventure! Keep going-I love this!

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    • Hi Aunt Gretchen! It really means a lot to be that you like my blog! And no we did not go to a concentration camp, my group of friends and I all agreed that it would have been too much along with the museum and memorial. During the tour of Molenbeek, the tour guide (who had this weird piercing between his eyes on his nose) just showed us old buildings that used to be apart of the industrial revolution in Belgium but now they are apartments or dance studios. We didn’t actually get to see the inside of any of them. Then he took us too where he lived and invited to a bar below his apartment. That’s when we decided it got creepy and we asked if we could go home. It was all together a creepy experience.


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