All in the Name of Tasha

     So we were supposed to be in Ireland this weekend, however we found out like 12 hours prior to our flight that it was actually canceled due to air traffic strikes… We were pretty mad that we weren’t told beforehand. We were supposed to be going there for my birthday so I’m pretty sad that it didn’t happen. But we are going to try to plan another trip there in May.
      But we celebrated my birthday here in France. We took it pretty easy considering I am still sick and on medications. We went to Anitibes on Friday and saw some glass blowing and went to a very tiny Picasso Museum. Then on Saturday we went to Nice. (Which was soooo nice 😉 ) We did a little shopping in H&M and then hiked up this old chateau (that’s actually not a castle anymore but just a beautiful view point)
IMG_0705  IMG_0708 IMG_0723IMG_0706
then we got bae, aka Stake N’Shake. Sunday we tanned on the beach all day and got gelato.
Then on Monday! (My birth!) we had class (like every other day). Sadly I don’t like my new teacher, Carol, as much as I liked Christel. But class went by pretty fast. After lunch we headed into town to get wine and Ladurée, my absolute favorite, for my birthday! Then I was surprised (not really, considering I told them) by a beautiful gift from my roommates!!! (Thanks Jordan and Mel!)
Then we tanned on the beach for several hours! The weather has been superb! For dinner we went to “Le Rendez-Vous” a nice fancy place! I got delicious salmon (I’m currently a pescetarian) and got Monaco’s! It was a good day!
Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Means a lot!
Merci a vous!

3 thoughts on “All in the Name of Tasha

      • Thank you! I NEVER would have guessed!!!
        Wanted to comment on your visit to the museum and you favorite, Henri Person. I had to look him up as I had never heard of him (Stanford failed me!). Nice intimate pointilist work. Again I love your photos of everything.


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