I Summer in the South of France

The weather is sooooo nice right now! I’ve actually gotten tan (for me). It finally looks like what you’d expect the south of France to look like! On Friday, Melanie and I went with the group to Ile Sainte-Marguerite, which is a little island about 15 minutes away and there are no cars or really any people who live there.
There is only one restaurant and no grocery stores. Some people vacation there but no one can actually live there because there is not a real source of water. It used to be a prison quite some time ago.
In fact it was were the Man in the Iron Mask was held, except it was a velvet mask and the prisoner wasn’t the kings twin brother, he was probably a nobody. The movie is a lot more interesting than the real story.

A Blurry photo of the prison cell of the Man with the Iron Mask


The mural in the cell of the Man with the Iron Mask

The island was beautiful, so much greenery! There was forest and a little lake. It reminded me of Oregon in the summer (plus the ocean right there). We walked up to the Dragon Point where you could see the other island Ile Stainte Honorat, which is where a monastery is.
IMG_0896 IMG_0898
On Saturday there was an excursion to Sainte Tropez that Melanie and I went on. We took the scenic route there, which took about two hours. But it was gorgeous! I mean soooooo pretty. All the fancy villas on the cliffs above the ocean.
St. Tropez was beautiful!!!! Very Mediterranean with all the different colored buildings. We went to the market they have every Saturday. It was cool! I didn’t buy anything but it was fun walking around.
DSCN1951 IMG_0938DSCN1962
Then we went up to the Citadelle but we didn’t go in, but the view was amazing!!! I could have sat up there forever looking out over the ocean.
Then we went to the art museum “Le Musee de l’annonciade” , which had Paul Signac, Henri Matisse, there was a George Seurat and my favorite Henri Person.
Then we went to an olive oil farm. We tasted some olive oil and had some tapenade. It was really good, except I’m not really into just taking straight olive oil shots. But the tapenade was very good!!!
Sadly on Sunday it rained so I watched Netflix and did homework….

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