Oh Merde

This weekend we (Melanie and I) went back to Paris because I love Paris. However our flight was at 6:30am and the earliest train was 5:17. I don’t really wanna talk about it but we missed our flight. We got on the next one at 9am but we had to pay 80€. I wanted to cry.
But any who, we got to Paris and checked into our sketchy hostel. There was only one outlet for 4 people and it didn’t even work. There was also only one toilet and shower per floor! But we weren’t there very much.
We went to le Musée d’Orsay which houses more modern art compared to the louvre.IMG_1163IMG_1168
It had a lot of the impressionist we are learning about in class like Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and such.
It also has a lot of post impressionists like Van Gogh, Georges Seurat and Toulouse-Lautrec.IMG_1173IMG_1196
I think it’s my favorite museum. Followed by the l’Orangerie then the Louvre. I highly recommend it to very one!
Then we got chipotle! Very exciting considering they didn’t have it in Cannes. Friday we went to Montemarte, and walked up to the Sacre-cœur which was so beautiful.
Then we went to le Moulin Rouge. Which was really cool to see. (Also it’s my favorite movie ).
Then we tried to go to the catacombs but it took longer than we thought to get there so we missed the last tour. But instead we went to go see Napoleon’s tomb and the Opera house. Then we saw the Palais du Justice. And walked to Notre Dame and did some souvenir shopping. And for delicious ice cream!
Saturday we went to Versailles which was so gorgeous! We had to wait roughly 2 hours to get in but that’s okay. It was worth it.
Everything was so lavish. I couldn’t even count how many chandeliers there were. The hall of mirrors was beautiful as well!!!
Then we got hot chocolate from Angelina. Which is a famous restaurant where Audrey Hepburn  and Grace Kelly liked to go. It was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!
Then when we were buying souvenirs the cashier told us we had to go in these beautiful apartments right near the entrance.  He was right they were very pretty! And to think we almost missed them! Then Melanie’s sweet mom said she would pay for us to have a nice dinner. So Mel and I went to the Champs Élysées and ate at George V. We got escargot and cod with ratatouille. It was so good! I was surprised I actually like the escargot! (Probably because it was covered in garlic sauce) then we got Creme brûlée! It was the nicest meal I’ve had in such a long time! Thanks Mel’s Mom!Then we walked down the Champs and stopped in the Disney store as always! Then we watched the Eiffel Tower twinkle!
Then Sunday we had to leave 😦 However I got to meet up with my friends Emily and Selena from Chapman in Nice! We got lunch and just walked around. That was really nice!
Now off to Dublin tomorrow!
Until next time Paris!

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