Leprechaun Land

Late Friday night we flew to Ireland, which was probably the longest flight in a while. Our Hostel was pretty nice and there was free wifi, which is always a plus. We got fish n’ chips for dinner than went to The Temple Bar and grabbed guinnesses.
Bono was casually there. Sadly we did not get a photo because he walked by us and we were all like wait, that guy looks like Bono. Then we were like holy shit that WAS Bono.
The next day we went to Trinity College to see the book of  Kells and the old library. The guy selling tickets was so nice, he was like where are you guys from, and we are like “America but we are studying abroad in Cannes” and he said, “oh we’ll then you’re going to need your money for Cannes!” And let us go in free. If was very cool! I really liked the old library, which very clearly looked like the blue library from Star Wars attack of the clones or something.
Then we went to the Guinness factory, which was like a disneyland for 40 year old dads.
It was fun though! We took a lot of pictures and had lots of beer! Though we hadn’t had lunch, just beer all day so by the end we were a little buzzed. Haha
 After lunch we stopped by the Dublin Castle just to take pictures.
Then we went shopping at Penneys/Primark to buy business casual for our internships later. Then we went out and got some Irish Coffees which I loved.
Sunday we got up at 5am to head to the Cliffs of Moher with a Irish day tours. We stopped off in a few places but the drive was very long and it was pouring and windy.
The cliffs were gorgeous though. Game of thrones actually bases some stuff off them. I could have stayed out there forever if it wasn’t for the wind and the rain.
IMG_1500 IMG_1513
But it was a lot of fun! And they had cows! I felt kind of bad for them though because they were drenched.
On the drive back we stopped at a dinky little truck stop and apparently Obama has been there because he has family in the area so they named the truck stop the Barack Obama Plaza.
Then sadly the next day we had to leave but we had a great time!!! Ireland is definitely one of my top favorite countries

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