That Intern Life

So part of my study abroad program in Cannes is to intern at the Cannes Film Festival. Which is an incredible opportunity, I can’t even begin to explain. Not many people even get a chance to come into the Palais de Festivals.


I’m interning for Lightning Entertainment. Which may not do large blockbusters but they distribute some pretty good indie films (they aren’t going to win any awards or anything but they could do a lot worse). They have done “The Reef” a few years ago, this year the newest and most popular is “The Pack” by the same people, about killer wild dogs. I’m just glad they don’t do movies like “Deathgasm.”


I think it’s actually better to intern for smaller companies rather than like IM Global or Arclight because they are so big that you don’t get to learn as much and there really isn’t any perks they can offer you. My company showed us how they make up contracts and let us listen in on meetings. And last night the president gave me a red carpet ticket to Pixar’s “Inside Out” which was the one film I wanted to see on the red carpet.

IMG_1591 IMG_1620

And it was magical and perfect. The movie was amazing! I felt all the emotions. I cried actually a lot. Classic Pixar. Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler and Pete Doctor (the director) were there as well!! The movie got a standing ovation. It’s not actually in competition for anything but I think it been the most well received film in the lumiére theater thus far! It was a wonderful opportunity!!!


A snapchat my friend took of us sitting in the Lumiere theater!

I’ve also seen a few movies at a theater near me. You had to apply for Cannes Cinephile badges in order to go, thankfully the College does that for you. So I’ve seen Mad Max (really good! Charlize Theron and Nicholas Holt were amazing in it and Tom Hardy was great!) and I saw Tale of Tales which was less great, and much weirder. I enjoyed watching it but it was bizarre. I can’t deny that I’m not sure I’d recommend it to everyone. I also watched the red carpet for Mad Max from the CEO of Vision Films apparent right over the croissette. We had wine and cheese. It was fabulous!


Now the market is wrapping up, I have one or two days left even though the festival continues for several more days. I’m hoping to get one more red carpet ticket. Fingers crossed!


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