Movies, Movies, Movies

IMG_1635My internship wrapped up quickly on Tuesday. Everyone on the team was wanted to do things the next day and then they left for California on Thursday. So I just watched movies everyday until the last day of the festival. All the films I watched:
-Mad Max: I honeslty loved it
-Tale of Tales: It was really weird, but I oddly liked it. Not for everyone
-Inside Out: Amazing and adorable
-Youth: Fantastic, one of those films you need to watch twice
-Sicario: So suspenseful and filled with action. It’s a great film
-Carol: Really beautiful (probably will be nominated for oscars)
-Macbeth: I’m not a huge Shakespeare fan but it was shot beautifully and the acting was phenomenal
-The Lobster: Such sharp dry humor, I really liked it but there was one scene that just crossed the line.

Macbeth red carpet

Then we watched The Usual Suspects on the beach. it was so much fun. But I called the ending. No way does Kevin Spacey ever play a good guy.
Then on Wednesday night, Melanie’s boss said she was leaving but she still had her apartment for one more night. So she invited Melanie and all her friends to stay over. It was really fun because it over looks the red carpet (we saw the premier for Love….) and we drank wine and had cheese and crackers. We also went to the club Gotha to see Jason Derulo perform. It was fun but he didn’t come on until 3:15 am and he only played like 4 songs. But it was really fun!
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 3.06.35 PM
I was sad to see the festival end, we waited all semester for it and then it was over in a blink of an eye. C’est la vie, I suppose. Cannes was so much fun and lively during that time but I could have lived without all the people crowding the streets. I’m going to miss it! But I’m ready to head home!!
We also had our farewell dinner on the beach in Theoule, it was really nice but It’s getting so sad because we have to say goodbye to all of our friends that don’t go to Chapman. I feel like I’m definitely going to cry multiple times.  I had an amazing time but saying goodbye is always so bittersweet!

IMG_1765 IMG_1770


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