Cannes I Got Back Yet?

I’m really proud of myself because I beat jet lag really quickly. I didn’t really sleep on my 12+ hour flight. It was the longest day of my life though, I was up over 24 hours. I watched 5 movies on the plane (I regret a few of them). The day I left was just such a struggle for me because I had so many bags and they weighed a lot, my parents could barely bring them up the stairs when we got home. I went to bed at 9 pm, pretty impressive if I do say so myself considering it was 4 am in France when I got off the plane.
It’s really nice seeing my parents and my best friends. But I was feeling that “reverse culture shock” almost immediately because my parents started to make fun of me. Saying I was “so cultured because I studied in the south of France.” And I just missed my daily routine, my friends, and of course waking up to that beautiful view of the ocean. Writing about it right now still makes me sad.
However I’m less “home sick” (if you can call France my home) now, I think it has to do with my road trip to Oregon. I currently live in San Diego but I am an Oregonian until I die. So it’s nice to be back and I get to be a tourist again! But I know as soon as I return to San Diego I am going to bored (and not to mention super broke). I have no job, no car and practically no friends. I think I’ll probably spend my time watching Netflix and forcing my cats to love me.
No matter what Cannes will always be a part of my life and I don’t think there will be a moment where I will forget it.
Thank you to everyone who helped me go abroad and have the best time of my life! Now I just need to figure out a way to make money over the summer…

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